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Why Clean Your Dryer Vents?

Reduced airflow can come from lint build-up, and this can cause machine overheating. High temperatures could rise and will limit your safety switch and cycles on and off, which is dangerous.

These switches can fail because most and not all aren’t designed to cycle on and off continuously.

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there are about 10 deaths, 310 injuries, and 15,000 fires from clothes dryer incidents. Property damage can rack up to  $84,000,000.

Dryer vent airflow begins to be reduced when lint accumulates in the vent. The situation is hazardous because lint is highly combustible and quickly catches fire.

Dryer time can be significantly decreased when you have proper airflow. Your machine reduces operating costs if the dryer operates efficiently. You’re aiming for less temperature usage and less time drying clothes. If your dryer works well, you prevent further wear and tear on your laundry.

What makes a dryer inefficient:

Who can benefit from this service?

Anybody with a dryer can schedule a dryer vent cleaning!

Consider professional cleaning if you have a home with dryers in your second-floor laundry rooms or inside walls. Centralized locations like these need venting stems at greater distances over 50 feet. These distances are prone to obstruction and lint build-up that directly affect your dryer’s performance.

Most dryer manufacturers recommend annual dryer cleaning and delinting of the vent for maximum dryer efficiency.

Some restrictive duct systems tend to appear in older homes and can differ from modern standards. When you have those types of duct systems, it is vital to have them regularly cleaned.

Why Use Our System?

We combine our cleaning techniques with the most power vacuums in the industry, plus a strategic rotating brush for maximum cleaning.

The technique helps us remove blockages, such as bird’s nests, from dryer duct systems.

Our technicians will inspect your dryer vent system thoroughly for disconnected vents or other damages. We will ensure that your dryer vent system meets your dryer manufacturer’s standards and recommended specifications.

A clean system means lower utility bills and a longer lifespan for your machine. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that no potential fire hazards exist in your home.

This year over 15,000 fires will be caused by a simple blocked dryer vent.
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