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Dryer Vent Cleaning

$ 139
  • Our dryer vent cleaning services use specialized equipment which professionally cleans your vent to make it function more efficiently.

Duct Cleaning Service

Winnipeg Location Only
$ 489
  • Our cleaning services that will clean every component of your house’s air ducts and vent ducts.


Visual Inspection

We have trained technicians who can perform a full diagnostic inspection for a more accurate assessment of your dryer.


The full diagnostic inspection includes measuring airflow, static, or back pressure within the dryer vent.

Quick Removal of Debris/Clog

Our services work to remove all of the obstructions, debris, and clogged dryer vents. We don’t just focus on the entry and termination points but on the entire vent run.

Dryer Vent Line Sanitation

Sometimes, birds and rodents find the vent and build nests inside. Small animals seek shelter or places to build their nests in dryer vents which could be dangerous to your home.

Booster Fan Cleaning

Dryer vent lines and booster fans also need cleaning at least once a year. You will need a booster fan when your dryer vent system exceeds 25 feet (with no bends). After installation, your booster fan should be maintained like your dryer vent.

Lint Screen Cleaning

Lint continues to collect in the filter after every drying cycle, and when they aren’t adequately cleaned, it could reduce airflow. Reduced airflow leads to your dryer overworking. You’ll have higher energy use and costs and longer drying times.

Camera Scope Inspection

Our team uses a special camera scope to look inside the vent and find obstructions that could cause clogging. We help relieve stress and give peace of mind to our customers about the state of their dryer vents.

Duct Cleaning

Winnipeg Location Only

You must go for professional air duct cleaning to ensure the job is done right. We recognize that air duct cleaning is a whole-house procedure and needs to be cleaned in every corner. Go for cleaning services that will clean every component of your house's air ducts and vent ducts. Cleaning like this could take hours, depending on the house size and the duct length.
This year over 15,000 fires will be caused by a simple blocked dryer vent.
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