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Visual Inspection

We have trained technicians who can perform a full diagnostic inspection for a more accurate assessment of your dryer. The purpose of this is to make sure we know what services your dryer vent system needs. Our visual inspection includes the vent line, lint trap, joint connections, termination point, and washing machine hoses.

A thorough visual inspection makes determining damages, repairs, deficiencies and re-routes easier. The assessment is critical as it helps keep the dryer running well and checks whether any health, safety, or fire hazards are present.

Once the visual inspection is done, our technicians will provide a written estimate. The estimate is based on the diagnostic inspection performed by the technicians, which they also explain to the homeowners afterward; dryer vents must get inspected to prevent future risks and hazards and prevent fires.

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The full diagnostic inspection includes measuring airflow, static, or back pressure within the dryer vent.

Airflow Measurements

When the dryer vent gets restricted, it causes the machine to run longer. Having the clothes dry longer increases energy bills and clogs lint clogged in the vent. If the vent connections aren’t aligned or the vent line has improper routing, it can pose a fire hazard. Birds’ nets, wall caps, lint build-up, and more can also cause a fire.

We use professional devices to measure the dryer vent’s temperature and airflow velocity. After acquiring readings, measurements, and visual inspection, we offer clients solutions that help increase your dryer’s efficiency.

Back Pressure Measurements

Static pressure (back pressure) from dryer vents can get too high, reducing the air extracted from the machine. Whenever this happens, your dryer decreases efficiency and imposes excessive wear on the machine.

We accurately measure static pressure thanks to our specialized devices on the vent line to gauge dryer efficiency. After getting accurate results, we can provide solutions to your dryer vent issues.

Our role is to provide detailed measurements to ensure that no problem gets skipped while inspecting your dryer vent and that it remains working in top condition.

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Quick Removal of Debris/Clog

Our services work to remove all of the obstructions, debris, and clogged dryer vents. We don’t just focus on the entry and termination points but on the entire vent run. Plenty of dryer vents suffer from clogging and excess lint build-up, among other things like these below:

  • Bird and Rodent nests
  • Debris and Nuts from animals
  • Socks
  • Debris from construction from rebuilding or remodeling projects
  • Silk, wool, linen, chiffon, lace clothing & undergarments
  • Cleaning brushes that got stuck from previous DIY vent cleaning sessions
  • Dryer sheets


Whatever our technicians find obstructing the vent, they will effectively remove it. Whether your vent is infested with debris, bird’s nests, rodents, or pests that could carry diseases, they will sanitize and remove them for you. The main priority of our technicians is to ensure that your dryer vents are clean, hygienic and will not be a health hazard to anyone. After removing the clog, our technicians clean up the area and leave it spotless.

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Dryer Vent Line Sanitation

Sometimes, birds and rodents find the vent and build nests inside. Small animals seek shelter or places to build their nests in dryer vents which could be dangerous to your home.

The debris from these nests can cause clogging in your dryer vent, reduce airflow, and be a fire hazard. Some nests can carry diseases and could also pose a health risk. There are also nests that have animal droppings left in them containing the Hantavirus or the Histoplasmosis Fungi.

Nest and debris removal are part of our services, together with dryer vent line sanitation. We remove nests and debris from your dryer vent through professional sanitation and effective tools. We work to prevent health risks from spreading in your home. Our services also install pest-proof vent covers that could prevent other pests from camping in your vent.

You can relax knowing that our dryer vent line sanitizing services can remove possible fungus and harmful contaminants from spreading into your home.

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Booster Fan Cleaning

Dryer vent lines and booster fans also need cleaning at least once a year. You will need a booster fan when your dryer vent system exceeds 25 feet (with no bends). After installation, your booster fan should be maintained like your dryer vent.

We remove excess lint that gets collected on the booster fan. You must regularly clean it to ensure it functions properly and maintains airflow inside the dryer vent system.

Your dryer becomes more efficient once your booster fan is maintained correctly. It also helps your dryer cut down on its drying times. Contact us now to schedule an online dryer vent visual inspection and cleaning.

Lint Screen Cleaning

Lint continues to collect in the filter after every drying cycle, and when they aren’t adequately cleaned, it could reduce airflow. Reduced airflow leads to your dryer overworking. You’ll have higher energy use and costs and longer drying times.

Unattended lint build-up on the lint screen is a dangerous fire hazard. After each load of laundry, cleaning the lint screen is crucial. You will want to remove any residue from the lint screen, so clean it thoroughly.

Our lint screen cleaning services include cleaning the lint trap and cavity cleaning. We do cleaning services that will help you save energy and make your dryer work brand new again. We do maintenance services that will help you save energy and make your dryer work brand new again. It’s our aim to minimize hazards that could come from uncleaned lint screens. You should run water through the screen to check for any build-ups. When you see water puddles, use a soft brush and scrub with soap and water. It’s clean once the water begins to run through the screen.

If you want your dryer to become more efficient, go for professional lint screen cleaning. You can quickly request an appointment online today and schedule a cleaning service with us, and we’ll head out there to start the cleaning.

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Camera Scope Inspection

Our team uses a special camera scope to look inside the vent and find obstructions that could cause clogging. We help relieve stress and give peace of mind to our customers about the state of their dryer vents.

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Duct Cleaning Services

You must go for professional air duct cleaning to ensure the job is done right. We recognize that air duct cleaning is a whole-house procedure and needs to be cleaned in every corner. Go for cleaning services that will clean every component of your house’s air ducts and vent ducts. Cleaning like this could take hours, depending on the house size and the duct length. Below are some duct cleaning services that we provide:


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Having clean air ducts could significantly enhance the air quality of a place. Once you have your air ducts properly cleaned, you will notice these differences:

  • Better Air Flow
  • Lesser Utility Bills
  • Consistent Temperatures From One Room to Another

According to the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, the suggested times would be around every three to five years before you clean them again.

This year over 15,000 fires will be caused by a simple blocked dryer vent.
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